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Тиристорные регуляторы Thyro / AEG / / Thyro-Family

With the introduction of our series Thyro-S, Thyro-A and Thyro-P, AEG Power Solutions presents its newThyro-Family.jpg(small) Thyro-Family of Thyristor Power Controller (SCR). These Power Controllers are
well equipped to meet tomorrow‘s demands because they universally possess unique communications capabilities.

Quality, repeatability, communications capabilities and high reliability form the basis for documented outstanding product quality in the application process. Thyristor Power Controllers
(SCR) from AEG Power Solutions switch, control or regulate electrical energy beginning with simple applications for optimized Power Controllers as cost-effective solutions - right
up to the complex applications that require digital high-end controllers. AEG Power Controllers can be found around the world anywhere that melting, heating, drying or forming must
be done precisely and reliably, e.g. in the fi elds of:

  • Oven equipment (industrial, diffusion, and drying ovens)
  • Glass processing (fl oat glass, feeder, fi nishing, fi ber glass)
  • Plant equipment (extruders, plastic presses)
  • Chemical industry (pipe trace heating, preheat equipment
  • Automotive industry (paint drying equipment)
  • Printing machines (IR driers)
  • Packaging industry (shrink tunnels)

Beyond the higher product quality achieved through AEG Power Solutions also offers security for application processes by virtue of more than 40 years of development and support experience.

Thyro-Tool Family

is a start-up and visualization software operated under Windows in English, German, French, and Chinese.

It is delivered with an introduction program and can be installed onto a PC/notebook in an user-friendly manner.

The Thyro-Tool Family is designed to connect the complete product portfolio of AEG Power Controllers via an RS232 interface or an optical cable, respectively.

It contains the most important functions such as:

  • parameterization and setting of the devices
  • target value processing
  • actual value processing
  • operating hours counter
  • energy display (in kWh)
  • loading, storing, and print-outs of all relevant measurement and display values
  • comparison of two parameter sets

Simultaneous presentation of several bar and line charts, as well as variable in size and composition.

Simultaneous presentation of data and parameters as inputted from several power controllers.

Possible connection capability of up to 998 Thyro-P power controllers via an optical cable distribution (LLV).

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