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Тиристорные регуляторы Thyro / AEG

AEG Power Solutions, the global market leader for power control solutions, supplies standard and customized power controllers of superior quality. These highly efficient electronic actuators switch and control loads (open and closed-loop) with practically no wear and tear.

Our Thyristor Power Controllers of the Thyro-Family control electrical power, current or voltage with high precision and reproducibility and can be used for all applications where

  • Heating
  • Melting
  • Bending
  • Lighting

are required. Whether in traditional areas or for special applications such as Direct Heated Melting, Float Glass, Cooling Channels, Container Glass or Glass Bending and Printed Glass Drying, AEG Power Controllers have been tried and tested for years. Even for newer applications such as TFT Glass, or for future-orientated technologies that are still in the experimental stage, customers trust the solutions and the experience of AEG.

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