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Тиристорные регуляторы Thyro / / Thyro-P

Secure, fast, economic and communication enabled

With over 40 years of Power Controller experience, the Thyro-P is AEG’s most advanced controller design. 1.jpg(small)Together with several operating and control modes to choose from, straightforward connections to process and automation systems, and a high level of control accuracy through the use of a 32-bit RICS processor, the Thyro-P sets the standard for digital SCR Power Controllers.

Parameters may be adapted via menus; setpoints and actual values of the process may be redirected via analog outputs, or optionally via bus systems to automation systems
and other units.
The Thyro-P series has a rated current of up to 2900 A and voltage up to 690 V due to the deployment of modern network thyristors.

Key features

• Ease of handling for rapid and reliable start-up
• Ease of connection to automation equipment via bus communications
• Transformer load, resistance load and heating elements with large Rwarm /Rcold ratio
• Integrated soft-starting for operation with downstream transformer
• Wide band power supply for control voltage
• 6- LED status indicators via LED
• Centralized fault indication
• Error memory with event time
• Integrated load circuit monitoring
• High effi ciency, trouble-free operation
• Integrated semiconductor fuses
• Electrical protection separation between power
and control section that meets VDE 0160
• Connection on SELF/PELF-circuit

New assimilated features:

• Elapsed hour meter, resolution in min./hour
• Energy meter, releaseable in Ws/kWh
• Current resolution: 15 bit, equivalent to 0,03 %
• Resolution voltage/power/setpoint: 14 bit
• Number of A/D transformer: 7
• Sample rate of A/D transformer: 1,5 M/sec
• Quality standard to DIN EN ISO 9001
• UL certifi cation, UL508A (100kA S.C.C.R.)
• CE–compliant
• Canadian National Standard
• GOST-compliant
• RoHS certifi cation

Local display and operating unit (LBA)

Pluggable, operation, parameter setting and display with menus, copy function, 7 x 19 digit display, graphicscapable (line diagrams)

Cabinet installation kit (SEK)

Installation kit for LBA with cable, suitable for installation in cabinet door or panel

Thyro-Power Manager

Thyro-Power Manager is an additional device for network load optimization if using several Thyristor Power Controllers. At the same time it serves as a measurement
device especially for the operation mode TAKT. Thyro-Power Manager is an alternativ to ASM procedure.

Thyro-Tool Family

PC software with functions such as: loading, saving, editing, comparing and printing parameters, set and actual value processing, line diagrams of process data (with print option), bar charts, simultaneous display of process data from various Power Controllers, simultaneous connection of up to 998 Thyro-P Power Controllers.

Bus interfaces

Adapter modules for plugging into the Thyro-P control unit. Interface to various bus systems, e.g. Profi bus-DP, Modbus RTU and DeviceNet

ASM procedure (patented)

automatic synchronization of multiple Power Controller applications for dynamic load optimization. Minimizes load peaks and other system related disturbances.

Инструкция по эксплуатации

Краткое описание



Applicable for

transformer load, resistance load and heating elements with large Rwarm /Rcold ratio


Set point output

2 inputs, 0-20 mA; 0-10 V, control start/finish can be set as desired


Operating modes

ТАКТ, full frequency package control, frequency package control



VAR, phase-angle firing of each sinus half-wave (1P and 3P)



SSSD, soft-start-soft-down



MOSI, sub-operating mode of VAR and ТАКТ (1P and 3P)


Control modes

V-voltage, V2 -voltage, l-current, I2 -current, P-power, configurable


Act. value outputs

qty. 3, either 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA or 0-10 V


Load circuit and self-monitoring



Operation indicators/Fault message

via LED and 3 fault signalling relays


Error memory

16 messages with event time



RS232, fiber optic and Bus-connection


Rated connection voltage (V)

400 V Type: 230 V -20 % up to 400 V +10 %



500 V Type: 230 V -20 % up to 500 V +10 %



690 V Type: 500 V -20 % up to 690 V +10 %



all types 45-65 Hz


Control voltage

AC 230 V (-20 o/o) to 500 V (+10 °/o);


Ventilator (HF- types)

230 V, 50-60 Hz


Ambient temperature

Up to 45 °C by passive convection cooling



Up to 35 °C by external fan cooling (type ...F has integrated fan)



Operation at higher temperatures is permissible with reduced current limits



- With UL applications max. 40 °C


Storage temperature

-25 °C to +55 °C;


Humidity class

DIN EN 50178 Tab. 7


Site altitude

up to 1000 m above sea level at nominal load