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Тиристорные регуляторы Thyro / / Thyro-E

Versatile and communication enabled

The new communication-enabled Thyro-A 3A...E is a 3-step fully digital SCR Power Controller for Thyro-E_FrontView.jpg(small)lighting applications. Suitable for all types of lamps within the 1-0.1 cos phi range,
including sodium vapor (NAV), mercury vapor (HQL), fl uorescent (TL), halogen and standard incandescent, compensated and non compensated lamps, the Thyro-A 3A...E enables you
to save energy and costs by reducing mains voltage during periods when full lighting intensity is not required (nighttime for example).

Operation method

By reducing power during periods when full lighting intensity is not required, cost savings of up to 30% can be obtained.

Optional special features

In addition to centralized control and low-energy dimming of public lighting circuits up to 350 amps, our Thyro-A 3A...E series also offer a full range of remote control and reporting
tools including:

  • Remote activation or deactivation of the system, useful during testing and visual lamp checks
  • Remote advance of the timing sequence that controls the low-energy dimming periods
  • Remote alarms for circuit or multiple lamp failure
  • Remote alarm for individual lamp failure (subject to special arrangement)
  • Smart metering of power consumption
  • Remote override of the photo cell mode

Thyro-A 3A...E can be integrated into existing control and monitoring systems via widely available interface options and communication protocols.

Main features

  • All types of lamps can be used (also mixed types), e.g. sodium vapor (NAV), mercury vapor (HQL), fl uorescent (TL), halogen or standard incandescent
  • Automatic compensation of mains voltage fl uctuations
  • avoidance of undervoltage (continuous intensity)
  • avoidance of overvoltage (longer lamp durability)
  • No mains distortion of sinusoidal output voltage
  • For compensated and non compensated lamps
  • Energy savings up to 30% (ROI ≤ three years)
  • One unit controls several lamps (up to 350 amps)
  • Small and easy-to-integrate, also in existing installations
  • Easy programming via PC software
  • Integrated monitoring functions, e.g. over-temperature
  • No wear and tear due to contactless switching
  • Alarm output
  • High effi ciency (> 99%)


  • Quality standards as per DIN ISO 9001
  • Complies with CE directives

Amortization time

In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, another highlight of the Thyro-A 3A...E is its short amortization period.
AEG Power Solutions has designed an easy-to-use "energy-saving calculator" which calculates the amortization time of your individual installation and conditions (see illustration below).
Thyro-A 3A...E Energy-Saving Calculator is available as a tool at www.powercontroller.com

Инструкция по эксплуатации

Краткое описание




THYRO-A System 3A...E








W [mm]

H [mm]

D [mm]


Thyro-A System ЗА-10 E








Thyro-A System ЗА-16 E








Thyro-A System 3A-30 E








Thyro-A System 3A-45 E









(up to 350 A)

80500 on inquiry



Rated voltage

with add. 24 V power supply

230 V -150/0 +10%   230 V -57°/o +10%


Mains frequency

all types: 47 Hz up to 63 Hz


Load types

Ohmic/inductive load, compensated or non compensated lamps within cos phi range of 1-0,1 e.g. sodium vapor (NAV), mercury vapour (HQL), fluroscent (TL), halogen or standard incandescent lamps.


Setpoint/Control Input

2 setpoint inputs

• Input 1 and Input 2 as binary inputs

(normally connected to the time switch)


Monitoring functions

Undervoltage in mains Overvoltage in mains

Overtemperature in Thyro-A ЗА...Е/transformer

Mains frequency

Lamp current (only with HRLP)


Time control

Changeover time at mains under/over voltage max. 1 cycle (20 ms/17 ms)

Warm-up time after reset (device on) 0-65535 s/0-1092 min (default setting 10 min)

Warm-up time after start via control input 0-65535 s/0-1092 min (default setting 10 min)

Hysteresic time over/under voltage 0-65535 s/0-1092 min (default setting 10 min)

Waiting time Under-/Overvoltage: 0-65535 s/0-1092 min (standard = 10 min)


Time Switch

With integrated calendar and auto. summer-/winter time change,

 4 year battery back up, day and week program etc.


Relay output

Changeover contact, contact material: AgSn02/Au plated


Analog output

Signal level 0-10 V, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA


External supply

24 V DC/AC, connected only upon demand