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Тиристорные регуляторы Thyro / / Thyro-A

Safe, fast, economical and communication enabled

Owing to high-capacity digital technology, the new communication enabled Thyristor Power Controller3.jpg(small) Thyro-A allows for precise energy dosing at a high level of availability.

Heating - Melting - Forming

Highly fl exible for interfacing the load and power supply side, the range of applications for Thyro-A has expanded signifi - cantly. For standard processes, adjustments can be made on
the unit, which facilitate handling and speed up commissioning. Owing to an interface option at the automation level, many further functions can also be used. All measurement, status,
and set points may be processed via SPS or the process computer. Of course, stand-alone operations or the direct combination with process controls are still possible.

Key Features

Besides free-from-wear operations and high performance, this product series offers the following features:

• Simple handling requiring little space
• Rated voltages up to 600 V
• Rated currents up to 1,500 A
• Single, dual, and three-phase versions (Dual-phase version for three-phase load without deploying the neutral conductor in a cost-saving three-phase circuit)
• Integrated semi-conductor fuses
• LED status indicators

Automation Level

• Series-design system interface for connection to an optional bus module (Profi bus DPV1, Modbus RTU, DeviceNet, CANopen, Profi Net. Projected: ModBus TCP/IP, Ethernet IP) for the processing of set points and actual values, as well as for status reports
• Interface option for connection to PC software
Thyro-Tool Family
• Safe separation of control and power units

Analog Controlling

• Analog set point between 0..10V / 0..20mA
• Control characteristic is adjustable within this interval
• Voltage range at the dual point controller:
OFF=0..3V, ON=3..24V

Load Side

• High resistance against short-circuit currents and blocking voltage accommodated by the power semiconductors
• Designed for ohmic load, as well as for inductive mixed load
• Fit for transformer-type load due to an integrated soft-start function, phase-angle fi ring of the fi rst half-wave and channel separation
• Optimized load control due to the implementation of up to 5 control types and 3 operating modes

Power Supply Side

• Network voltages of up to 0.43 x Unom
• Frequency range 47-63 Hz
• Internal network load optimization in the operating modes TAKT and QTM
• Optional external network load optimization (Thyro-Power Manager Module)

Other Features

• Quality standard met in accordance with ISO 9001
• Approval in accordance with UL 508
• S.C.C.R. certifi ed in accordance with UL 508A (100 kA short-circuit test, accredited 16 A to 350 A, projected 495 A to 1,500 A)
• Canadian National Standard
• CE Conformity
• RoHS Conformity 5/6

Инструкция по эксплуатации

Краткое описание




Operating Modes

ТАКТ, full frequency package control frequency package control


VAR, phase-angle firing of each sinus half-wave


QTM, half-wave frequency package control quick operating mode for ohmic load without a transformer



1A... single-phase version, for single-phase load between dual phases, or for a single phase connected to the neutral phase


Operating modes: ТАКТ, VAR, QTM


2k... dual-phase version for three-phase load in cost-saving three-phase circuit


Operating mode: ТАКТ


ЗА... three-phase version, for three-phase load


Operating modes: ТАКТ, VAR


Rated Voltage ...H1

...230... 230 V - 57 °/o + 10 %


...400... 400 V - 57 °/o + 10 %


...500... 500 V - 57 °/o + 10 %


Rated Voltage ...H RL1 and H RLP1

...230... 230 V - 15 °/o + 10 % 230 V - 57 °/o together with 24 V input


...400... 400 V - 15 °/o + 10 % 400 V - 57 % together with 24 V input


...500... 500 V - 15 °/o + 10 °/o 500 V - 57 °/o together with 24 V input


...600... 600 V - 15 % + 10 % 600 V - 57 % together with 24 V input


Network frequency of all types ranging from 47 Hz to 63 Hz

Max. frequency change 5 % per half-wave


Rated Current

...-xxx... 16 A, 30 A, 45 A, 60 A, 100 A, 130 A, 170 A, 280 A, 350 A, 495 A, 650 A, 1.000 A, 1.500 A


Load Type Load types for ohmic load employed at a Rwarm/Rcold ratio of up to 6; Transformerload


Network load optimization via internal network load optimization for the operating modes QTM and ТАКТ Interface for external network load optimization available, e.g. Thyro-Power Manager


Functional Features

...F... forced ventilation


Setpoint inputs 2 setpoint inputs, separated safely (SELV, PELV) from the mains


Input of analog setpoint, signal intervals:


0(4) - 20 mA / 0(1) - 5 V / 0(2) - 10 V


Control input for switch operation mode - dual-point control is possible

(U0n = 3-24V)


The digital setpoint is provided by the process computer or bus system


...H 1 control types Ueff, U2eff


...H RL1 functional features such as ...H 1, yet additionally


Control types Ueff, U2effl leffI Pff


Load monitoring via an adjustable response threshold


Limitations current limitation I „, 1 in VAR mode, current peak limitation to 1 = 3 x Inom


Relay output exchanger, max. contact load 250 V, 6 A, 180 W, 1500 VA


Analog output signal level 0(2)-10 Volt / 0(4)-20 mA, maximum compliance voltage 10 V, can also be used as adjustment aid


external supply 24 V DC/AC, connected only upon demand


Load types for ohmic load employed at a R /R ld ratio of up to 6 (only deployed for H RL1 and H RLP)


Limitation to I = 3 x I (for H RL1 and H RLP in VAR mode)

nom x '


Operational display via LEDs and relay outputs (exchanger, indications adjustable)


...H RLP1 functional features such as ... H RL1, however, additionally


control types Ueffl U2effl lefP l2effl P


System interface

Optional bus module for Profibus DPV1, Modbus RTU, DeviceNet, CANopen, ProfiNet. Projected: ModBus TCP/IP, Ethernet IP.



For interfacing the PC software of the Thyro-Tool Family via a PC adaptor


Examples regarding the type key

Thyro-A 2A 400-170 HRLP1


2A = dual phase version for three phase load in cost-saving three-phase circuit, 400 = 400 V rated voltage


170 = 170 A rated current, H = semi-conductor fuse, R = failure indicator relay


L = load monitoring + analog output, P = performance control display, 1 = actual series